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Welcome To The Bitchery

Nutritional Questions of a Newly Pregnant Woman

This isn't mainpage-worthy, but you never know lately. So please don't mainpage! I just want to get some input from the hivemind today.

In case you missed my fuck-it-Friday post, on Friday night I found out that I'm pregnant! This is happy news, and I am very excited.


But. It was also a surprise, so I am not prepared on the information front. The main thing I am trying to look up right now is what to eat. I don't have the best eating habits right now, and I am really going to have to work on eating more so I can bring in enough calories. And I know that I will have to start eating vegetables every day. So...what else? Any GT-ers who have been/are pregnant, what are the number one best things I should be eating right now? I don't have any dietary restrictions or allergies, but I am a picky eater so I am worried that I haven't been getting the right nutrition. (Basically, if I could live on bread and cheese alone I would be a happy camper. Newbaby needs actual nutrition more than that, I know.)

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