OKC date, 2 weeks after I disabled my profile due to creeps & negging. Plus more ghosts than I can count. Many lovely texts & 2 one hour long phone calls that were really lovely. He seemed so great & I was hopeful.

Started good. He was still funny, smart & for the win, my lady parts were interested. 2 hours in to the date after he talked, and talked, and talked about himself, he got political. My views were a known entity, yet he insisted on going down some explosive roads. I asked him multiple times to stop talking about unions. Stop. Please stop. I don't want to talk about this.

He then got shitty, accused me of silencing his thoughts, called me rude & would not listen to three consecutive words out of my mouth, never mind a full sentence. More to this, but when I said his focus on my perceived "rudeness" was missing the point and making things worse, he doubled down on insulting me. I snapped inside. I very quietly said to him, "I've already been down this road with men like you." Slapped $40 on the bar, grabbed my shit & left. (note: he never attempted to even give me half my cash back)


I was in tears in my car, crying, which I rarely do and when I do it's important.

10 minutes later I'm stopped at a red light and get slammed in the rear by a lovely Hospice Nurse. I get out, ask her if she's okay and she sees I'm crying. I said, "no, not because of you." She says, "Must be a fucking man." She was in uniform and had just come from a hospice patients death. No wonder she was distracted. We hugged and kept police & insurance uninvolved. I trust her. I have to believe people are good. Especially two sad women in a dumb car accident.