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NXIVM Interesting Email Exchange About Grace Park (was in BSG and H50)

Has anyone been following this case about sex slavery in a cult. I am not familiar with the news site Art Voice which has been around since 1990 according to their site. Anyone?

This is an email exchange between a man who worked with Grace Park and the author who wrote Grace Park was once involved and recruited women.

The emailer sent at one point makes death threats according to the AV aticle writer so the emailer’s email was sent to the FBI.


The emailer revealed at the end he was not who he said he was. The AV writer concluded he did not know the identity and speculated it could have been Grace Parks but offered no proof beyond speculation.

Makes me wonder who these women were that were recruited. Beyond this AV writer I have no idea how deeply Park was or was not involved.

According to other articles the recruited women would pose nude with the cult leader so they can be blackmailed. So these recruits are not women struggling to make ends meet. There is not much money a blackmailer can get plus it would he noticable. You would blackmail if you knew the woman had money especially disposable income.

My feeling this story is bigger then we suspect.

This email exchange is amazingly bizarre the emailer noticably loses it at the end even offers a bribe.


I would bet if she did recruit women Park’s career is over. I do not see how you can come back from this.


I hope the AV writer is wrong but the fact this emailer seemed to support Parks was involved.

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