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NY Free Public College Tuition For Students Which States Are Next

You have to be full time 30 credits a year. I believe that’s five courses a semester although I guess you could go 4/4/2 the two being during the summer. In college I did that but it was a private college. Summer was nights only. Not sure if public colleges offer summer courses.

Your family has to earn less then 100k but will increase as years go by. Does not include room and board. Which seems fine if you are close to a public college.

Caveat you have to live and work in the state for same number of years after. So if you go to a four year college and get a degree you have to live and work in NY for four years.


I wonder what they will do with students that drop out? Not all college students last until they get a degree.

I assume more states will follow suit. NY is a rather large and important state. Mass. Conn. and California. I would say Vermont but with a republican governor now I would say no.

I do agree with Cuomo college degree is equivalent to a high school diploma decades ago in terms of importance. Decades ago a high school degree would allow you greater access to jobs then now except for low level skills. I remember a person in my community (my late grandmothers generation) became a big developer with lots of commercial real estate with just a high school degree. I doubt it could happen now.

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