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NY, in song (edited)

So very sorry, friends. Tried to sleep & insomnia is my bed~fellow, so I listen to music with my Apple issued ear~phones. I know I’m predictable in my choices, but I don’t care.

I always thought, and still think, that Alicia should be the new, New York anthem. We’ve had Frank Sinatra & Billy Joel forever. Move over..


EDIT: I have enjoyed every, single song posted here tonight. Such beauty in the lyrics & music. I love NY, deeply, as you all seem to, too. I listened multiple times to the songs you gave me & I’m happy and grateful for the share. I’m probably going to hit repeat a few more times :)

However, my original post was the only Woman to make the list, if list making was up to me. That wasn’t my intent...I noticed it later. Alicia was the only woman...

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