Alright, I proposed this once while drunk, but now I'm going to propose it while sober SO YOU ALL KNOW I MEAN IT.

A lot of us live in NYC, and there is no good reason why we shouldn't take a night out on the town. Also, Ubertrout will be in town next weekend, so we can even have an out-of-towner in our midst (and then sacrifice him to the God of Yellow Cabs/Subways/Buses so we can all get home relatively quickly).

So how does next weekend sound to everyone? Also, what does everyone feel like doing? I'd be good hanging out in a bar that also serves food (so it's not awkward if anyone doesn't drink), but I'm open to suggestions. My only request is that we do something in the evening because I work weekend days right now.

I'll keep updating this thread as we make plans. It is officially our hub of meet up awesome.


We are thinking of an Irish Bar. I am particularly fond of Central Bar on 9th st. between 3rd and 4th avenue (East Village). Nearby trains are the 6, N, R, with the 4, 5, 6, L, and M in easy walking distance.



OTHER POSSIBILITY! Spring Lounge in SoHo. Not only will there be beer and friends, but the best rice pudding place is RIGHT DOWN THE STREET!