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NYC GT-ers - take me out?

You guys I'm at the Brooklyn Museum right now and it's awesome, but I was hoping to go out after. The friends I'm staying with are kind of in an odd position - they're Australian and living together (platonically), and they haven't been here long. So they haven't met many locals.

One of them seems to not want to make any friends? He's been really averse to going out and we all came home last night because he didn't want to go dancing. He also doesn't call his friends who invite him out even though me and his house mate really want to meet them.

Anyway, I'm really friendly and I got two people's platonic numbers and I wanted to hang out with them last night and I'm really sad I missed my chance because my friend was being weird and I might miss a chance again tonight!


I only have one more weekend in NY, but I'm free every weeknight - are any of you available for a drank and a dance? Or even just an eat?

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