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I'm coming east for the weekend, to just outside of Philly, to see my son in advance of his 11th birthday next week. He's always wanted to go into NYC, specifically to go to the top of the Empire State Building. I've been looking at SEPTA and NJ Transit schedules, and it's not difficult to get from where my ex is to Penn Station. However, it looks like we'd only be able to be there 5-6 hours or so. (It's about 3.5 hours travel time each way.) Would that give us enough time to do anything else? (I'm assuming it's enough time to get to the top of the ESB, especially if I book the express pass ahead of time.) If it is time enough to do anything else, what suggestions would you have? (I would have loved to go to New York Comic Con, and so would he, but that's just not feasible given the time constraint.)


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