Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I posted a while ago about how I might be coming to NYC in late December. Well, I found a way to make it happen. Gonna be there for just over a week for a series of shows. However, what do when not show?

I've been to NYC two times before and have done most of the touristy stuff like the ESB, Central Park (doing that again though), Statue of Liberty, and so on. What I'm looking for are fun things to do or places to go that I wouldn't otherwise know about. Favorite art galleries? Any of the Zoos worth checking out? Also, the two previous times I've been around I've really only done things in Manhattan. Any cool places in any of the other boroughs to check out?


Lastly, since I'll be somewhere where there is actually authentic ethnic food, if anybody has any recommendations for good Moroccan, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Indian, or Greek restaurants (not super expensive, but doesn't necessarily have to be a hole-in-the-wall either), I'd be very appreciative of them.

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