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NYC Housing Alert

Hey there GT, I’m looking for a roommate!

If you know anyone (clean & sane) moving to NYC short or long term starting next month send them my way.

The last time I tried this I ended up with an awesome GTer (heyitsmestan) who can vouch for the fact that the apartment is incredible and I’m also not so bad, despite the fact that every time she walked in I appeared to be watching either porn or snuff films - thanks SVU and GoT. She has since moved in with her boyfriend down the block and they’re going to have adorable babies (which I called from Day 1 and she knows it!!!). Would love to keep the GT/woke/feminist tradition alive in the apartment!


The Craigslist ad is here. Would consider a discount for GT/friends of GT and anyone who sends me a referral that sticks is welcome to come hang in the back yard.


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