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Welcome To The Bitchery
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NYC Jezzies, Tell Me About Your Favorite Spots!

Hi there, hivemind.

Let me introduce my story. My long term girlfriend just recently moved to NYC, thus shortening our long distance relationship from about six thousand miles to six hundred. Thus, I plan to visit her as much as I can, which is basically given by the amount of money I have divided by the plane ticket prices.

My first visit is today! Yay! I'll stay for the weekend. There is a good chance she has very well crafted plans, but even so I'll come back soon and will want to meet new places.

So what are your favorite spots in NYC? I did the basic touristy package already, so I'm basically looking for good places to eat, have fun, and even the good ole peculiar street that looks nice.

Being from a big city myself, I love all the hole-in-the-wall places, the crazy buildings that an aloof passer by would miss, that kind of stuff.

Thanks! As an sacrifice for the Great Hivemind, I offer you this video of a kid being awesome:

(...and possibly further stereotypes that all Brazilians are great dancers. Well, that one is.)


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