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Welcome To The Bitchery
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NYC Jezzies-- Where can I get an IUD?

I've been working on getting an IUD through my current gynecologist's office until last week when I called to confirm an appointment with them and their phone line was busy. I've checked about 15 times over the last week and every time I get a busy dial tone. Yes, I've double checked the phone number, gone to the website, etc and apparently they just don't take phone calls anymore. I am now convinced that the office was drug front (worrisome as I had several exams there) and am on the hunt for a new gynecologist that will give me an IUD and accepts United Health Care.

For the record, I am unmarried and have never had children. I know some doctors still won't give IUDs to women in either of those categories and I am certainly not down with that.


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