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NYC Kitties in Need of Loving Home!

So, my last few months have been shit. If you're just interested in adorable cats and don't want to hear life problems, skip this part and read the details below. If, however, you're interested: My dad died (fairly) suddenly in July, due to his alcoholism. He and my mom had been dealing with substance abuse, mental health issues and hoarding for years, and I was basically halfway estranged from him. In recent months he had actually been trying to turn shit around, was dehoarding the house, and trying to move into a healthier situation. My mom had been living with her mother since my grandfather (her father) died in January. My two cats, who moved in with my folks a few years back after my allergies started getting super crazy, were living with mom and grandma. Both my mom and grandma are kind of mostly crazy on a good day but both had been taking the death of my grandpa very hard — codependently just retreating into the house and their beds and their grief in general. My mom had obviously lost her job and health insurance when she moved to another state to be with my grandma. The week my dad died, they got evicted from the place they were living. I spent the summer dealing with funeral arrangements, lots of financial logistics (guess who hadn't paid a bill in 3 years?!?), selling two cars, dehoarding my folks' house and putting it on the market, helping my grandma move to assisted living and my mom find an apartment, furniture, etc. and trying to deal with their legal situation as well as trying to help them stay alive, at least. This turned out to be harder than it originally seemed. My mom was living in a motel with the cats, my grandma was losing her mind in her new place, and both were drinking a shit ton. I had to call the police on them twice when their fights got violent. My mom stopped taking her meds (both psych and, like, thyroid meds and stuff) and stopped eating and was falling apart. Eventually earlier this week, I managed to convince my mom to check into the hospital, where she promptly had a seizure due to alcohol withdrawal and a possible concussion caused by my grandma, bit her tongue near off, and ended up in the ICU and then a 30-day rehab.

So, the cats. I can't keep them for two big reasons: my boyfriend and I are both now severely allergic, and I have a dog with whom they do NOT get along and live in a small NYC apartment. But they need a home desperately. Hazel and Lola are 9 year-old sisters used to living in a small apartment, with a love of lounging, boxes, bags, and all things naughty. They are sweet and cuddly and enjoy laps and attention greatly, but are also perfectly fine entertaining themselves. After all I've been through this summer, the thought of losing my last two remaining (sane) family members is breaking my heart, but I will feel slightly better if a GT-er or affiliate ends up with them. If you or anyone you know/trust is looking for some adorable companionship, please let me know!


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