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NYC Meet-Up, Update

There will be a NYC meet-up this Friday night which will include special guest appearances* from Slay (that's me!), Killer Martinis, Chritter, Sugarhill, and many others! Maybe even you!

Many thanks to Sugarhill, who has been drafted volunteered to do the organizational heavy lifting. Per Sugar:

We're meeting at Kingston Hall (149 second avenue b/n 9th and 10th) at 6:30 pm, staying until someone passes out from inebriation or we start to go feral with hunger. If you're coming after 8 pm, touch base with Slay or SH on twitter or email first in case we moved.

We'll have a reservation but need a firmer head count — currently there are 5 confirmed (Slay, SH, RSG, Chritter, and notahip) with 2 late arrivals (KM and Jess). So who else is in?


*Disclaimer: You're all special guest stars in my book, even those of you who can't make it out.

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