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Welcome To The Bitchery

NYC Recs

Hey guys! I’m going up to NYC towards the end of May for three days to see some friends and visit the city. They have food covered, so what are your non-food and non-bar related recommendations? (Pet peeve, I get frustrated when all travel advice centers around eating and drinking - that’s a significant part, but still only part! If you have an affordable and AH-MAZING rec please do feel free though :) )

I’ve been a few times before, having done all the touristy things when I was younger and focusing more on the arts things in the past couple years. I know I’m going to The Strand, the Cloisters, there’s an exhibition at the Met I need to see, and we have tickets one night to the NYC Ballet.


If I get in to Manhattan on a Tuesday at around 11AM, is it possible to go down to Coney Island for an afternoon or would it not be worth it? Any favorite things to do in Brooklyn? My tastes run towards art, culture events, gardens and history, browsing cute shops, and the weird and fun.

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