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NYC Teacher Tells The Truth Gets Placed In "Rubber Room" I Fear Our Future

A public teacher was assigned to teach in a Muslim NYC school. I do not quite understand that part of it.

Anyways she tells her third graders Adam and Eve are a myth and the three religions Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim all share the story. Well she actually showed the wiki page and it has a nude picture of Adam and Eve done by Paul Rubens. Done circa 1597.

Of course parents went nuts over the telling its a myth. It is. Also the picture. Which shows the extreme ignorance of people that they cannot tell a religious painting from porn. I would have laughed in their faces and called them “damn ignorant fools and you are raising a generation of damn ignorant fools”.


So she has been suspended and put in a “rubber room” where she will get paid and do paperwork.

Stupid NYC the teachers union should  have stood up for her. When ignorance and belief myth is real supplants facts and truth we are all in trouble. This teachers union failed along with the educational system.

Maybe this school should not accept tax payer money if they want to teach myth as reality.

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