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I still love it!

Checked out a bit of Williamsburg—the Smorgasburg and the flea market (the flea market was the most disappointing thing I’ve seen on the trip; I thought it would be bigger with more unique offerings). Saw Avenue Q (so cute! so fun!). And saw Of Monsters and Men at Kings Theatre in Flatbush—such a beautiful theatre, and the concert was good, too.

Visited the 9/11 memorial. That was tougher than I expected, and very intense. I was on a plane to Germany then moving into a dorm with no tv, so I missed all the media when it happened. It was tough to see.


I’m getting a tattoo at East River Tattoo tomorrow! With Sue. Of a porcupine. Does anyone have any tips beyond the usual take care of your skin, drink lots of water and eat, don’t take painkillers? Any tips for East River Tattoo in particular? I’m nervexcited!

Only one week left in New York City, and still so much to see.

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