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NYCers how do you make a formal complaint about a landlord?

So my landlord sucks. I'm sure he isn't the worst, but in the two months that I have been in my apartment he has: installed things in my bedroom without ever contacting me/asking permission, ignored visible, festering mold in the ceiling of my bathroom, refused to turn the heat down when I woke up with a bloody nose for a week straight, and neglected to give me my mail key for almost 5 weeks. He's not great.

The latest is that my building hasn't had hot water for the last 48 hours. I found this out two nights ago when I came home from work to find a piece of paper taped to the front door saying the following: "NO HOT WATER. PARTS ON ORDER." I get it. Shit happens. But it's polar vortexing outside and I seriously need to wash my hair. SERIOUSLY. There has been no mention made of when the hot water will be back on. We're halfway in to day three.


What should I do? Is there a place where I can make a formal complaint against this guy? And should I be paying full rent when I can't shower, and have only a trickle of water to brush my teeth?

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