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NYC's First Maid Cafe

Did anyone else see this on Gothamist?

It's a quasi-review...passing judgement on the restaurant but also many aspects of Japanese culture—particularly Lolita-style fashion (it references Jezebel's 2008 letter from a Lolita) and otaku fandom.


Let me add that I am personally far removed from all things Japanese save for sushi. And while I don't feel any need to personally visit the maid cafe, I also think the review hypercritical of the concept, customers and employees. It simplifies a nuanced discussion of Japanese subcultures and their growing place in the U.S. to "LOL I bet perverts go to the cafe because they're lonely anime nerds who rely on these submissive waitresses to spoon feed them pudding, isn't that weird? LOLJAPAN". I'm surprised there wasn't a reference to the vending machine's with used school girl panties; it's usually a go-to LOLJAPAN reference.

I'll not analyze too much further since, as I mentioned, it's not my cultural arena by any means. But if any of you know a bit more about the Japanese cafe culture or have been to this one and have any insight, I'm interested in what others think.

Here's the cafe's website, too.

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