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NYE 1st Date: Yay or Nay?

Some background before getting into the actual question:

  • No NYE plans
  • Dumped by former best-friend; mutual friend is being vague about her NYE plans, so I assume they are spending it together (which we all did last NYE)
  • Feeling very vulnerable/sad/all the emotions
  • Dating Dude #1—few dates, new situation, sex, no talks of Relationship, nice/fun guy, still unsure about feelings for him
  • Dude #1 out of town on vacation, haven’t seen him in 2 weeks due to variety of factors
  • So I am dating
  • Dude #2 new on the scene, asked me out, offered NYE as 1st date
  • PRO: I have no other plans and it would give me something to do other than feel sorry for myself on what I perceive to be a GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING holiday
  • CON: 1st dates are so hit and miss; feels like a recipe for disaster if it’s a miss

SOOOOOOO, do I say yes to the offer? We tentatively agreed to a date on Saturday, so I don’t feel pressure to have to see him Thursday.

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