Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Holy moly guys. Just, wow.
I took a couple Nyquil cold and sinus capsules last night at ten O'clock. Because boyfriend works with kids, and so is a walking germ magnet and lovingly brings them home to me.
They're supposed to last 6-8 hours.
I am on hour 10.

I stopped at Starbucks to fuel up. I was paying when a tiny, itty bitty cup of chai late appeared in front of me. I turned to the man behind me and said, "Oh, is this yours?"
No dumb-butt, it's a free sample.
Then the guy who gave it to me and shook his head at me turned and knocked the start of my drink off the bar and I actually said quite loudly, "Oh no!" Before laughing.

Now I am stoned at work.


And sleepy.
When will it end?

Anyone have advice for working with cold/flu meds in your system?


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