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NYT Writes About Venezuela, kind of misses the point?


It's a two pager about how in Venezuela, plastic surgery rates have increased (though not to rates that actually exceed most other countries'). But they've interviewed like three people, who make mannequins, and the mannequins have big boobs, and the crazy lady who makes them says there's no such thing as inner beauty, that's just what ugly women say.

And the whole thing is meant to speak about a whole country? And of course they throw in the cost, and how poor people in Venezuela are saving up to get new tits (because you know, poor people, spending on things the NYT thinks it's weird they spend on). And it's just UGH because there are so many problems in our OWN culture, and people already do crazy things just to fit in to weird ideals here.


I don't want to be like "don't talk about this issue because there is another issue I care more about" because that's stupid and limits discussion, but it would be nice, if when people wrote about brown countries, they did it with a glimmer of self-awareness.

Obviously I am hating the spreadsheets I'm meant to be doing at work today...

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