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O Mighty Hivemind, Lend Me Your Arguments

What with the world going inept and all, my students have had a lot of questions regarding what the hell Democrats and Republicans are up to, and by the way what is a Democrat and a Republican? And I'm discovering a couple of things — first off, that teachers are in a powerful position, because after a certain point your students ask you, "Well, Miss, what do YOU think they should do?" And then they take your answer as the correct one and leave it at that, because you're the teacher, and you should know.

Second, my students are in dire need of critical thinking skills.


This is particularly true when it comes to analyzing and evaluating persuasive messages, propaganda, specious arguments, advertising, etc. So I'm getting ready to do a unit on persuasion and rhetoric and talk about the different approaches, as well as the typical logical fallacies (straw man, slippery slope, false equivalency, etc.)

Thanks to the Daily Show, I have a lovely example of false equivalency to use as a model. But I need examples of as many of these as I can get, and perhaps the more exaggerated the better. We gotta start big, and then get subtle. And I knew that there was only one thing to do: ask Groupthink.

So if you've got articles, video clips, links, cartoons — whatever! Political, newsy, funny, I don't care, I just need resources to use to teach my kids. I would appreciate anything and everything you can take a moment to send my way.

As a thank you, I shall be happy to compensate you with a couple of my more fun, odd gifs. Here's Wall-E for starters!


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