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Oakland Raiders is hellbent on hiring Jon Gruden. Gruden it seems with the bucketload of money will take it.

Total racism no other industry would get away with this.

In the NFL there is a Rooney Rule. The rule states for Head Coach a POC must also be interviewed for the job.


Well there is a very racist loophole. The Raiders will employ this loophole. They will interview an Assistant Coach who is a POC BUT both know the job will not be offered. Instead it will be on the Assistant Coach’s resume.

First no way in hell would I hire anyone involved in a deception like this. I would simply tell the Assistant Coach “so let me get this straight you know about the Rooney Rule yet you agreed to participate in a fraud. You and the team know full well you would not be hired they interviewed you only to check a box. They made no serious attempt to interview a POC for the job instead you allowed yourself to assist them denying others access to a real interview. Now you want a job as Head Coach? This part of the resume is meaningless. I do not know if you just did this to assist Oakland pick Gruden or if they think you are worthy of a Head Coach job. It reads of deception and I cannot take the rest of resume seriously.”.

Yes I am being harsh. In football you have to be seen as being honest to the team, fellow coaches and management. If there is any decept prior to hiring how could I trust their word for example about a players injury. If a head coach (assistant coach from previous paragraph) had participated before in decept about the Rooney Rule how can I fully trust when told “the player can play just a couple of bruises”. I would wonder “is he holding back info about a more serious injury and could he be lying to the player?”.

Jon Gruden has to know what’s going on. If he had any moral fiber he would say “no, I cannot participate in a hiring process that has grounds in racism and deception”. By participating he becomes a racist like the Raiders management.


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