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SORRY GUYS Obama Filing Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman possibly hoax

ETA 2 — SORRY ALL: In the most disappointing news of my morning, the report below is untrue and I am a huge tool. I received the link from a normally reputable and savvy friend on Facebook, and I focused too much on the content, and not enough on the source. My sincerest apologies, I made a mistake.

I do want it to be true though. SO FOR THE LOVE OF ALL PLEASE SIGN THE NAACP's PETITION RIGHT NOW. Thanks, I'm going to give myself a time out now.

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In the wake of the horror of the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman trial, it appears that President Obama is taking the necessary steps to file federal charges against Zimmerman. According to news outlets,

"Unidentified sources within the Administration have confirmed that Obama, and Justice Eric Holder at the Department of Justice have filed charges against Zimmerman for “violating Trayvon Martin’s civil rights”.


And for those wondering if this is all possible (since Zimmerman was just acquitted by a jury of his, erm, peers):

"Double jeopardy is an often misunderstood concept in American Law. The rule merely states that an individual cannot be tried twice for the same crime in the SAME COURT. Liberal Justice Department officials often charge Americans with crimes from which they have previously been acquitted by filing federal charges on a similar crime in a federal court."



ETA: As of 13 hours ago the NAACP was still urging the Obama Administration to file federal charges, so hopefully this isn't overly optimistic reporting.

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