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Obama+Kids (and a thank you!)

Mandatory ETA of the Obamas dancing to Thriller!!!

First off, these are my two favorite Obama with kids related tweets today.


Seriously, look at Baby Prince!

Secondly, thank you to all of you who were so kind to reach out and console me yesterday during my super hormonal birthday blues. Sorry if I didn’t reply directly, I was feeling pretty scrubbed raw as the day went on. But I sincerely to appreciate it and love you guys!

I ended up not even being able to do my laundry, because they’re reconstructing the laundry room and there’s not so much as a door handle on the door. So I just have piles of laundry sorted all over the place and I don’t want to have to drive them to a laundromat. They better fix that room up ASAP, at least leave a fucking note on the door!


Mr. Beale called me and listened to me go through every phase of a birthday meltdown, and reasoned that I’ve been far too overworked, and that I need a vacation ASAP. He’s right, and I know a need one. Everyone here is burnt out and reacting in their own way. Some people withdraw, some get sick, some lash out, and I just happen to internalize it all and burst into an explosion of tears.

Thanksgiving break cannot come soon enough.

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