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Obamacare.... HOLY SH*T ITS CREEPY! (TW Sexual assault)

This was published about 2 weeks ago, So I imagine by now, Everyone here has seen this but me because I live under a rock.

But holysh*t. The absurdity of this video is way over the top (and sadly effective because of it).


Possible Trigger Warning, sexual Assault.

ETA: Theres actually a male version too, same message [thanks polllyjenna]

WTF is this video saying? (and Maybe I'm looking way too deep into this)
But to me, this video says 'Obamacare is like being raped by the government', or even further 'by the big black government'. This is creeper than some horror films I've seen.


Who the f*ck funded that: The Koch Brothers... figures. Still a lot of fucks to answer

who the f*ck aired that, who the f*ck believes that ,who the f*ck thought these ads were ok!

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