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Obamaphones or "How Google and Snopes Once Again Saved the Day"

I try to stay out of these things. I really do. I've appealed to Mr. Nom to "drop it" on more than one occasion. I've stated out loud, "C'mon, we were all having a good time, let's talk about something else."

I don't even remember how it came up. It might have been germaine to the conversation. Then again, my FIL has a history of conservative non-sequitors designed to pick a fight. In any case, there we were, having brunch on the 26th at our dining table. Mr. Nom, my in-laws (including my BIL) and me. And then OBAMAPHONES! You know, the free cell phones that Obama gives out to the poor and homeless. Every month. A new phone. For free. *rubs temples*

Uh huh. It's just raining free phones. I mean, you all got yours, right?

I saw where it was going and should have cleared the dishes to get away from it but I just didn't feel like letting it go. I am so sick of arguing over bullshit they heard some asshole rant about on Fox and took as gospel even though it makes no sense or is so exaggerated it has long surpassed editorializing and gone straight into fear-mongering.


So I announced, "Google can answer this." And fetched the iPad.

I proceeded to read the entry on Snopes. I was interrupted at numerous times. My FIL repeatedly insisted that he would continue to call them Obamaphones. Every time he asked some question that the Snopes article had an answer to, I would just re-read that portion. At one point, his logic was based on this exchange: "Are people getting free phones?" "Yes." "Then that's all I need to know. They're Obamaphones." The phones themselves are only free IF the cell provider chooses to give them out. *drinks more Mimosa*

My eyes, oh my god, my eyes! I swear I pulled a muscle back there from fighting the urge to roll my eyes. Finally, realizing he had no leg to stand on but unable to acknowledge that he was misinformed, he closed with, "And by the way, I don't trust Snopes."

Inner monologue: You know what I don't trust? The bible. Fox News. Rush Limbaugh. Your coworker's brother's neighbor's cousin who knows for a fact [insert dog whistle conservative lie].


Thank GOD my BIL was there. See, Mr. Nom and I are the flaming atheist liberals even though we don't care what religion you are and are registered Independents. We're not die-hard Republicans so we're Other. Or something. Anyway, My BIL was basically like, "No, you're ignoring the facts. And as long as you refuse to acknowledge the facts, you will be wrong."

Later that afternoon, I came into the living room to find my FIL looking for an alternate source of information on his iPad. Since he didn't bring it up again, I have to assume he came up empty-handed.


Other than that, it was a lovely visit.

tl;dr Google, Snopes and an iPad are critical for surviving visits with my in-laws. Inevitable, they WILL be employed to fight lies.

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