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Welcome To The Bitchery

An article about the objectification of women in videogames. it focuses on a 3DS game called Senran Burst (I have not played it) but its suppose to be a fighting type game which features women having "balloon" size breasts.
I was a bit ragey that the author who was tweeting pictures of the female characters didn't seem to see a problem until a "seasoned" female videogame player complained. So would have have kept on if it was not a seasoned player, no clue what seasoned is suppose to mean.

Its good he realized the problem but he should have been aware of the problem to begin with. This article is getting an incredible amount of comments some are jawdroppingly bad.


I do though have a problem that he and others can still play this game whose sole purpose is to make women into objects. Also these characters look like teens not adults which is also extremely problemetic.

Overall i am kind of more ragey then not over this article. Your thoughts?

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