Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Obligatory I got posting privileges post.

And I spelt obligatory right on the first try!

Sweet now I can write all those amazing things down and maybe actually have someone read them who isn't my best friend or my mom. Although both of them are pretty amazing.


Alright time to write something.


uh oh


IT'S ALL GONE! BLANK! There's nothing. Ohhhh poop.


You are too distracting. I really should stop eating those anxiety Os, it's just they are so delicious that I can't help it. (I don't intend to minimize anxiety, it's a joke between my brother and I. When I think about it helps me break some of my thought cycles and makes it so I can function again.)

Introduction! I'm Not Bad for a Robot. I tend to talk about patient experience aka my series of medical misadventures, menstrual horror stories (I am a bleed-a-saurus or a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl), fibroids, Art, videogames, mental illness, trains, robots, and whatever strikes my fancy. I'm not a doctor, just an art historian who has been through a lot and thinks there needs to be a change in Canadian Health care to better work conditions for medical professionals and improve patient experience. You can get totally ninja-ed going to a hospital if you aren't prepared. I'm also an idealist and my former thesis advisor tells me I am terrible writer. Admittedly, I am through and through an article forget-er.

I like learning, so correct me if I am wrong or if I am being narrow minded. I am a Hufflepuff to a fault (Loyal and Just, and I'll take all the rest).


And The Iron Giant is the only movie that has made me openly cry.... Now I'm thinking about it...

Hello! ^_^

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