Another junky article written by my husband, Mr. Charles....

Obscure holidays to look forward to!!

With the charcoal from Memorial Day still smoldering and looking forward to the Fourth of July, we have the entire month of June to wade through before our next holiday. I have many coworkers asking me the rhetorical question of how they will get through June, and "Our next holiday isn't until July??!!" Well worry not, my friends...I will go ahead and list TEN obscure holidays that span between now and July 3rd!

Some of these may or may not be regionally "relevant", I know; And my response to that is: Has that ever stopped you or I from 'Muricanizing Cinco de Mayo with cheap tequila and an insensitive sombrero? Or those hipsters who insist on celebrating Bastille Day? Nope!

As a quick note, I will forgo all of the feast days, constitution days, Soviet occupation days, and remembrance days. Also exclusions of days that I think people know about (National Wind Day on 15 June, for example). So without further ado.....

—Oak Apple Day! 29 May! Apparently the British decided to commemorate their Monarchy's restoration by wearing oak apples (a gall on some oak trees) because (future) King, Charles II hid inside an oak tree while hiding from a Parliamentarian funded army in 1651 (making him 21 years old). I can go on and on about the Stuarts but will refrain and leave it at the simple fact that Charles II was an awful monarch to hide in an oak tree.

—-Confederate Memorial Day! 3 June! In the event that you couldn't break out your BBQ grill due to inclimate weather this year, the south has got you covered! Contrary to (the potentially) popular belief, the Conferdation of the United States actually set aside one day annually (in 1866) to memorialize Confederate soldiers two years before the modern Memorial Day was observed through the entire United States(in 1868).

—-Bounty Day!! 8 June! Right off the bat, it sounds like that it should be a holiday to overturn any bounties that may be placed on certain individuals...or double the bounty...or something where Dog the Bounty Hunter will most definitely be involved. However this is the day that has been se aside in Norfolk Island for when in 1856 the HMS Bounty (a prisoner transport vessel) should have arrived. But when the vessel was overtaken by mutineers and took the ship to the Pitcairn Islands Norfolk Island remembers the day that the prisoners got away. On the contrary, Bounty Day is celebrated on 23 January in the Pitcairn Islands as an independence day.

—-Matralia!!! 11 June! I am pretty sure this is what Beyonce was singing about in that insufferable song of hers. This holiday is only for single women or women in their first marriage. Mater Matuta was an indigenous Latin goddess who was morphed into Aurora. Apparently you are supposed to offer prayers for children and then ensure that no slaves are inside the temple.—-Women's Day (in Iraq)! 14 June! Known for their cultural fondess of women's rights and independence, This is the day that the people of Iraq take time out to be thankful for the women around them. Of course this is an at-a-glance jab, but the day is actually called Sepandarmazgan, a Zoroastrian festival where women would rest and men would bring them presents. So it's fairly legit.

—-Bloomsday!!! 16 June! James Joyce fans can rejoice here where the events of Ulysses are relived in Dublin on this day. Essentially it is another pub crawl for you to enjoy.


—National Catfish Day! 25 June!!! This one is totally legitimate and I really didn't think it was. I don't know how I missed it, but in 1987 POTUS Reagan designated today for the third highest volume of finned fish consumed in the United States. Who says that bottom feeders don't get any love??