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Observations about Jeff Sessions' Hearing

I am listening to Jeff Sessions’ hearing now. I have never listened to a confirmation hearing before, so this is new to me, but it’s pretty interesting to me.

I missed (unless it hasn’t been addressed) much talk about his Civil Rights issues. He did get heated when Feinstein (I think) touched on it, and the conversation got shut down.

So far, it seems that he is promising to uphold the laws of the land (gay marriage, Roe v Wade). He is speaking against the Muslim ban (but that seems to be a no-brainer for everyone except Trump, based on my research of the cabinet nominees). Whether he says he’ll uphold this law or that, I’m not sure I can trust that he wouldn’t participate in chipping away at them.


He is being very buddy-buddy with the Republican Senators, which is grossing me out. Now Graham is grandstanding about football and professing his love for Sessions.

It’s clear to me that the Democrats are largely grilling him and holding him accountable, and the Republicans* are softballing questions to him knowing what the answers are already.

*It’s possible I have the parties wrong on some of these guys. It’s a lot to keep up with.

ETA 1:

He’s not in favor of DACA but provided no answer to what he’d do with the kids that have come out of the shadows under it, except that it would be “something.”


ETA 2:

People in there just started chanting something like “No Trump, No Sessions, something something USA”


ETA 3:

Ugh Senator Graham is asking how Sessions “feels” about being a racist. More chanting I can’t really understand. But like, come on, you’re wasting time on “feelings” about being called a racist? Are you fucking kidding?

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