Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I love this show because Frank Underwood tickles my cynicism; I think there is some part of everyone, deep down, who wonders just what degree of evil our politicians are. He is so relentlessly evil and aggressively self-serving; there is just literally not a good side to him.

It occurs to me, as I mainline Season 3, that I think the Republicans must view the Obama administration like this. They must think that Obama and his staff are just conniving bastards who spend their whole time lying, manipulating, and plotting. Cheating his way into the presidency, cheating the American people. I'm not naive enough to think that Obama is full of rainbows and sunshine but anyone who's watched HOC knows that Frank Underwood is pretty over the top as a character.


Yet conservatives (the loud, nutjob variety) think Obama is a goddamn criminal mastermind.

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