Sorry to spam the beloved Groupthink, but Kinja is working on my laptop and I am stoked and I want to show you guys these beautiful photos I took on my trip to Ocean Shores a few months ago. It was cold, gray and rainy, but fuuuuck that shit was loverly.

I was upset, initially, that this one turned out blurry because I liked it so much but now I enjoy the etherealness of the blur. Feeding the seagulls.

I couldn't get over how beautiful the light on the sand was.

And these little birdies just fucking killed me with the cuteness.


Gradient stuff, or whatever.

This is that rock wall into the ocean thing that people keep trying to explain to me why it's there, but I still have no idea.


And then there's this intrepid fellow. XD


Sorry, I know this isn't Facebook so let me know if this is irritating. I probably won't do it again, anyway.