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So, here's this bit of semi-local news. http://www.modbee.com/2013/05/04/269… I recommend you read the story, but in summary, a paroled convict murdered his roommate, a prison buddy who moved in after being released. Apparently, the white supremacist gang he was a member of mandated that he kill child molesters, so he beat the guy's head in with a rock after his wife looked him up on the sex offender registry. He got sent back to the joint, forever, and she was fortunate in pleading out to accessory charges.

Where's the hook, you ask? For me, and I guess everyone else, it's in the contrast between this ex-con and his wife. I don't want to be too judgey about meth head jailbirds, but if your white supremacist prison gang is named the Peckerwoods, then you truly must be the most lowlife piece of shit I could possibly imagine. Meanwhile, she has a graduate degree and was a phd candidate in forensic psychology at the time of the murder. They're about the same age and level of attractiveness, and there doesn't seem to be any drug connection. He was totally cranked out, but she didn't even drink.

The judge in the case was unhappy about not being able to sentence her to any more time, considering that her culpability exceeded the charges. Her attorney spoke in her defense:

Warden described Sheaves as a domestic abuse victim who wouldn't leave Gaskins because "she's got a real need to be a companion with someone." When he wasn't cranked up on meth or drunk, "she would tell you there's a part of Chuck that's kind and gentle," Warden said.


Well, that's kind of pathetic, but where's the real truth? This is the kind of story I'd consider more interesting than Runaway Mom, anyway.

Read more here: http://www.modbee.com/2013/05/04/269…

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