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Odds & ends

Hey, lovelies.

I’ve got some things rolling around in my skull (spooky!) Nothing important; just a few observations & thoughts. Pretty sure y’all may have odds & ends as well.

Below are mine. What are your odds & ends this week?

* I noticed this morning that I bought decaffeinated coffee. That’s right. Decaf coffee. I’ve been drinking it for nearly 2 weeks. I bought the giant size on the fly at Staples while I was working. Imagine my horror & surprise when I learned that my pooping window (6am~9am) was fully a construct in my head. That the caffein was not the facilitator. MIND BLOWN. However, my desire for a nap at 1pm has not changed. It just seemed more urgent until I figured out why.


* Spice Cake. Betty Crocker Spice Cake Mix. NONE of my markets have it anymore. I’ve giggled it, yes, but that does me no good if some other imposter needs shipping. I have 2 boxes left and I’m feeling like this is an Elaine “sponge worthy” decision. I’m going to make a spice bundt for Mr. 4th tomorrow, which leaves me with one. I always make home~made icing for a box cake mix, but I don’t always make a scratch cake. I make scratch cakes for special occasions. I am sad about the disappearance of Spice Cake Mix.

* Nom Nom unleashed top~notch information today. I’ve got my candy & wine lined up. Shared with my sisters & friends; we all had a laugh & a roundtable about it :)

* Wally is still a derelict wino & I love him to pieces. Mookie is the boss.

* Me & Mr. 4th:


Footsy times over the lake~

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