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Ode to a Dumbass

I wrote this poem last night about a terrible relationship that's been fucking with me for WAY too long. I'm really proud of it! Hope you like it!

I ban you from my heart; you are not welcome there.
The reason's not the injuries that ache and still need care.
It's more because you've proved again your carelessness and disregard,
And if one should demand you consider another, no, you'll decide, it's too hard.

Admittedly, I've been a fool - sometimes a child, a bitch, and a weight,
Although it wouldn't have mattered so much if you loved me, but instead, you chose me to hate.
No, I blame you not for the flaws and the errors that often occur in a fight,
I blame you for doubting, for judging, and the subtly damaging slights.

You'll go on to live quite contentedly, there is not a doubt in my mind,
Whoever you choose after me will be lovely, simple, like you, not refined.
She won't have my wit and be interested widely, in anything exiting and new,
I have a suspicion she'll be very 'fun' - since that's all that's important to you.

You will do the same things, and think the same ways, basically you'll never change,
But I have decided to transform and evolve, to accept the unknown and the strange.
My passions are strong, and my weaknesses too; I'm intelligent and demand you to be,
When all that you want is a simplified woman - just outlines, no colour - not me.

It's a shame, and it hurts, to give you up fully, as the optimist wants to have hope,
But I've learned many things in this painful ordeal: I am strong, I am kind, I will cope.
In fact, I would have loved you all, complete, without a doubt, But now you're exiled, invisible, and banned from here - GET OUT!


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