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Ode to Fall and a Request for Recommendations

While the rest of the northern hemisphere has been gleefully wearing shorts, packing beach bags, donning flip flops, sipping mimosas on outdoor patios, and reclining poolside for a few months now...

I have been fleeing from air conditioner to air conditioner, slathering on the highest SPF they sell*, squinting into the sun until I fish out my sunglasses from my purse, purchasing a giant floppy hat, wishing sweet death would take me away while I wait for a train in the putrid heat of a subway platform, filling my underboobs with sweat, and generally just waiting for this hellish season to end.


Autumn is my heaven. The crisp air, the colorful leaves, thick cardigans, alllll that pumpkin smelling and tasting shit that white people love...sometimes I think I might have kids for the sole purpose of going back-to-school shopping. Is there any joy comparable to that of filling a cart with fresh notebooks waiting to be written in, pencils waiting to write, highlighters waiting to help you pretend you'll remember those words, white out you'll lose or spill the second day of school, deliciously rubbery erasers? And a case to KEEP all that glorious shit in? If there is, I haven't found it.

Well, tis almost that time. Sorry summer lovers, my season is almost here. And in anticipation**, I am thinking of splurging on some autumny-scented candles. I love a good pumpkin pie/spice scent, the autumny ones that combine a bunch of different cinnamon/clove/nutmeg/spice/leaves/apples/whatever smells...you know the deal. But my candle knowledge is kind of limited to the Yankee store and whatever Bed Bath & Beyond has on hand (also usually just Yankee Candles). I know there are other candles out there, I just don't know what they are. So I come to you for your wealth of knowledge.

What are some other good quality but not outrageously expensive (the only other candle company I have actually heard of is Jo Malone, but LOL NOT SPENDING $65 ON A SMALL CANDLE) brands? I'm looking for a long-lasting, noticeable but not overwhelming scent.


*In the interest of full disclosure, I actually wear superpower sunscreen year round. #paleforlife

**Also it appears the world is going entirely to shit anyway, so my way of coping today has been to think about happier seasons and googling candles.

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