I know there’s a lot of this going around lately. I like to be the center of attention so I made my own post. :) Feel free to share.

GT is how I learned the value of female relationships and became aware of the privilege that many of my cherished male friends were exerting over me.

GT has taught me how to empathize; how to comfort someone, how to be gentle, and how to be a more effective friend. GT has also given me the courage to cut toxic friendships out of my life.

GT was how I learned I had suffered abuse, and was the first place I shared my story of abuse. Those of you who saw it are still the only people that knew the whole extent.

GT is how I learned to be respectful, mindful, and open-minded in conversation (and I hope to continue to improve).


GT helped me navigate office politics - particularly of the gendered variety - and has fed me the courage to demand more pay, speak assertively at work, and not be overshadowed by the few (and worshiped) men in my workplace.

GT helped me to set my romantic relationship standards high, helped me spot warning signs and microaggressions, and helped me to understand what respect looks like in a relationship.


GT helped me quiet the victim blamey instincts I’d apparently had conditioned into me for years.

GT has always been there to call me out when I deserve it.

GT helped me to learn how to look inward and analyze myself and my racial privilege in a way I was not capable of before. This has directly resulted in improving relationships with POCs in my life and has led me to make an effort to introduce more diversity into my social circle, to make a conscious effort to interview and hire POCs when I had the opportunity, and to always have in the back of my mind: “this is easier for me than others because I am white.”


GT gave me the words to describe my years long depression when I went spiraling after a series of calamities in my family. You gave me the courage to seek out a therapist, and the language to describe what I was going through. My husband may not realize it, but he owes you big time for this. I relied on you for social interaction, support, encouragement, and distraction.

GT taught me to watch my language; to watch it when I call someone or something “lame,” “crazy,” or to say I am “OCD.”


GT taught me you can sometimes rely on the kindness of strangers. Maybe the Emergency Fund scammed us once or twice - who knows. I knew, while donating to it, that was a risk I was taking. Between that an the Amazon wishlists when many GTers were in the throes of the Recession - really gives me the warm n fuzzies.

The list goes on; I know that my personality is better because of all the people on here I interact with.