Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We stopped in a strip mall today so Mr could buy work clothes, and there was a fancy pet store a few doors down. The dog was with us, so I decided to kill time by buying her some treats because she has been a Very Good Dog this weekend. We circled the store three times and I carefully observed which bins she stuck her snout into the most so I’d know what she *really* wanted. Turned out to be cow hooves. Ok, bought her a hoof, she’s chewing it up on the bed right now, and...the odor of a feedlot is filling the room. You’d think there was a day-old cowpie on the floor. It STINKS, but she’s so happy. When Mr comes in from outside he will not be.

What stinky treats do your pets love? What stinky treats do you love?


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