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Of all the ridiculous things from yesterday's "Hot Dudes" controversy...

By far the most ridiculous? By far? That apparently some of you people don't think that the guys on the Big Bang Theory are, to a person, attractive dudes. And not "I like geeky dudes" attractive. I mean attractive attractive. Like, "he's the cutest guy in here" attractive.

This is what Kunal Nayyar looks like:


This is what Johnny Galecki looks like:

I mean, I don't think you should always judge someone's attractiveness by who they get with but Galecki dated Kaley Cuoco and Nayyar married a beauty queen. And I can easily do the same for the other two. Seriously people. Are you Paul Walker(RIP) and Matthew Lillard* in She's All That? Glasses and overalls? Yuck! Intentionally unflattering clothing and haircuts does not make an attractive person unattractive.

*If you are actually Matthew Lillard, what's up? I liked you in Scream.

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