By far the most ridiculous? By far? That apparently some of you people don't think that the guys on the Big Bang Theory are, to a person, attractive dudes. And not "I like geeky dudes" attractive. I mean attractive attractive. Like, "he's the cutest guy in here" attractive.

This is what Kunal Nayyar looks like:


This is what Johnny Galecki looks like:

I mean, I don't think you should always judge someone's attractiveness by who they get with but Galecki dated Kaley Cuoco and Nayyar married a beauty queen. And I can easily do the same for the other two. Seriously people. Are you Paul Walker(RIP) and Matthew Lillard* in She's All That? Glasses and overalls? Yuck! Intentionally unflattering clothing and haircuts does not make an attractive person unattractive.

*If you are actually Matthew Lillard, what's up? I liked you in Scream.