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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Of course I'm generally thankful for much in my life, but today it's hard to when facing an uncertain cancer diagnosis.

So, I guess this post serves as an update to my last few posts about finding out I have breast cancer. I think in my last post I said it was abnormal cells that was before my ObGyn called to say that the full report said malignant cells. The next day I saw a breast surgeon. She comes highly recommended and has fantastic bedside manner. She says I caught it early and was very, very encouraged but there's a lot to still find out. Because the radiologist did a fine needle aspiration and not a core biopsy, there's not a of information yet. Tomorrow I go in for a MRI which will give my information and maybe show things that didn't show up in the mammogram or sonogram. I also have to make the decision on what kind of surgery to have. Will it be a lumpectomy (that will almost certainly include radiation and perhaps other treatment) or a mastectomy (which may or may not include radiation and other treatment). If I go with mastectomy, I can elect to have a double mastectomy (for preventive reasons) and in either case there I would need to decide on what kind of reconstruction to have (I met with a plastic surgeon yesterday to discuss that). And to cover my bases, I'm going to get a 2nd opinion from a breast surgeon at the top treatment center.

Wow...there's just so, so much!

Anyway, my husband and I are not joining family today. I just can't be around a big group of people. I feel very bad about that. I just don't have the strength right now.


But I do with everyone a very nice Thanksgiving. Please enjoy all that pie on my behalf. And thank you for listening. :-)

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