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Of late, I am feeling [fill in the blank]...

How are you feeling GT’ers? I’m at the airport headed to DC to give a talk,* and am feeling quite glamorous! Between my move to NYC for my new position at a super fancypants university and all the travel I’ve been doing lately (I’ve traveled more this year than I have in the past 5 years combined) - I am feeling glamorous Plus, I got a blowout yesterday so that my hairs all look good for my talk tomorrow - and I’ve never gotten just a blowout before. And to top it off, I am being interviewed on Friday for an article about me! I told my mentor I haven’t been interviewed (about me) since 7th grade when I was student-of-the-week (what I remember most about that was telling the interviewer that my pets were named “Wee, Willie, and Winkie”** - which I thought was hilarious (because it was totally coincidental) - but made me look like a huge dork when it was published, 7th graders are cruel, y’all!). Finally the TSA agent told me I smelled like marshmallows. So glamorous!!

So, what word encapsulates how you are feeling and why? Entertain me while I wait for my plane!

* I wish I was here with someone bc I totally want to play “pick out all the shrinks headed to DC” as we wait for our plane (cuz psych-types really stand out).


** My fish was named Meriweather, but I called it Wee (Wee Meriweather - get it?). Dog was Willie and cat was Winkie (bc his eye was stuck shut with infections when he deposited himself on our doorstep and decided we were his new family).

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