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Welcome To The Bitchery

As many of you know we're trying to get me knocked up and so far we're failing. Now here's a new wrinkle. I'm going to try and go off my long acting ritalin and just take a lower dose just for my classes. It's a class C drug and well we don't know whether or not it affects the fetus. And in an abundance of caution, yadda, yadda... Which means i'll probably need to limit my time here because i'm in grad school and have to finish stuff and i'll totally spend hours on gawker media, esp if i hyperfocus. But i kinda don't wanna...

I"m pretty nervous about this because it's been several years since i've been off for more than a month or so. I did manage to complete a masters before i was diagnosed in my early thirties, but still.... having the medication has made my CBT more effective and on rough days, helped me through. The good thing about ritalin is that i don't need to taper off like other meds, but getting up in the morning, drinking a cup of tea and taking my extended release pill just got me going and productive for the day. Also i know that when i'm off meds i'm more reactive to stuff, so that's another concern.

So yeah... it's going to be a challenge, i'm hopeful that my strategy of just using the meds for short periods will be ok in the long run but it does mean rejiggering my life for the next year. But if we get pregnant my whole life is going to get rejiggered anyways. (I've spent enough time with little ones and new mother's to know how much things change after kids) And then there's my poor, poor husband. He's a bit nervous about all these changes too...


So any hints or tips to survive grad school and pregnancy while unmedicated?? Or feel free to share your tales of being unmedded or medded wrong!

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