Here are the first two. No clue when part two will be.

1. The End Of The Dream by Phil Whylie.

Not sure why this is not mandatory reading in every high school in America. Phil Wylie pretty much nailed it in 1973 how we are destroying ourselves. A few days ago a reporter said “there is no fire season in California its year round”. The massive flooding in Louisiana. Reminds me of this novel.

The novel is really written as nonfiction lite. It takes place late 1990s humanity destroyed. Few conclaves left. The narrator is tasked to write about how society got to this point. Part he describes his life but other parts are newspaper articles, opinion pieces, news transcripts.

There is a part about how companies put junk in dog food and how its killing some dogs. That reminded me of China and dog treats a few years ago. Parts are absurd and a reflection of the time, he gets into how there was a show where people had sex with celebrities. The narrator was a semiimportant person. Well we do have Dancing With The Stars.


Not sure why Wylie added that chapter about sex. It broke the books flow. Ultimately what we were doing even changed nature of sea life so they became super vicious ad could crawl on land.

There are parts about profits over environment, articles on how water around New York became lethal to swim in.

Read it. Cannot stress it enough.

2. Tales From The Flat Earth by Tanith Lee. They are fantasy. Stories are thread bare but Tanith created an amazing world. The books are more of an experience then for a plot. She is so descriptive, so detailed on characters thoughts, detailed on the history of the world. I read other works by her, she is an extremely tough read. Reading her is more of an experience then anything else. Her world building is one of the most detailed of any authors.


Any familiar with these two? Thoughts?