I haven't been to my family doctor in about four years. I take SmallBeaver to all her appointments and I get enough offensive judgment out of those experiences that I'm just not super-thrilled to sign up for more. Getting a new GP is nearly impossible in our area - there is a massive shortage, and I have had receptionists literally hang up on me once they hear we currently have a doctor, so I need to make this one work.

The problem is that today I need to ask for something specific: I need to be tested for low thyroid (family history/lots of risk factors/many symptoms.) I know she will likely refuse to test me, since she routinely rejects any suggestions the patient might make, even if they prove to be correct in the end.

For example, SmallBeaver's hemangioma got massively infected when she was a baby and this doctor rolled her eyes at me and said, "well, you're the mother, so you MUST know better than the doctor" before grudgingly writing me a prescription for antibiotics (which cleared it up inside of four days, though SmallBeaver is left with a scar the size of my thumb.)

So I can't just come out and say, "Hey - I feel like garbage and I wonder if we could do some blood work for thyroid, given my age and family history?" I have to... do something else. Ugh... Why do I even care what she thinks of me? I guess because we don't have any other options.

Has anyone got a doctor speech? A surefire way to just head all the judge-y crap off at the pass and just get what you need?

UPDATE: I am back from my adventures, and as expected... no blood work was requisitioned. Apparently, I am getting older and this sort of thing (sorry TMI - heavy bleeding, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue and constipation) is to be expected. Oh, and this was the capper: "Don't worry, everyone has a family history of thyroid dysfunction."


So I asked to make an appointment with her partner for the dreaded "second opinion." She was... not happy about that, but she didn't say "no," so I made the appointment for Wednesday. We shall see...