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A few days ago I asked for help to find a poem and I found it! I was looking for this poem after reading a Dutch poem shared with me by a guy I know. Some asked me to share his poem so I’ve translated it for the people of GT and after thinking on it for a few days, I wanted to share it, not just in a comment but in a post :)

It’s by Toon Hermans and called ‘er moeten mensen zijn’ or ‘there need to be people’. (translated by boobiechick)

There need to be people
that light suns,
before the world rains out.

People who let up summer kites
when it’s freezing winter,
and throw confetti
between the snowflakes.

Those people need to be there.


There need to be people
who stand at the exit of the cemetery
selling icecream,
and on the dumps
play harmonica.

There need to be people,
who stand on their chairs,
to catch the stars
in the mist.

Who make spring
of fallen leaves,
en of fallen shadow,

There must be people,
who warm us
and who in a cloudless sky
are in the clouds
so high
they jump rope
along the rainbow
when someone has said:
come in my arms

Those are the people that I want to belong with

Who KEEP dancing at the garden party
even after all the musicians have gone home

There need to be people
who on the grey asphalt
in great big letters
paint LOVE

People who carve names
into a tree
full of ripe fruit
because there are so many others
who run from butterflies
and throw stones
at the first spring blue
because they are afraid of:
I love you


There need to be people
with tears
as silver beads
who are rays in the dark
and welcoming morning
as the daylight comes
on dragging feet

You know,
there need to be people,
who blow bubbles
and have no concept of time
who can have childish wonder
about something that cracks
of beauty


They scream across the rooftops
that there is love
and wonder
when all those others are screaming:
no, the world is ending
and they see in every ending
a new beginning already

They’re a bit of a clown,
heart first
then mind
and they write with their umbrellas
I love you in the sand
because they are so enormously
absorbed in life


and fall
and fall
and fall

and RISE

These are the kind of people I want to belong with
Who KEEP dancing at the garden party
Even after the musicians have gone home


the music goes ON

the music goes ON

and ON

Thank you Baba Yaga Bony Legs & Una Bear Dog with the poem search!!!

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