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Office Crying: I feel weird about this particular situation

So I just got a frantic phone call from someone up the chain telling me that someone else along in the chain is in a panic and crying because today is the deadline for something I put on hold.

Well, I put it on hold because there was a ton of stuff missing. So the person who called me emailed me with an 8 point list of things to amend to get this through ASAP. I sent it off to my boss because it’s like giving me an egg expecting french toast, crying because I didn’t make french toast, and then saying I need to make enough alterations to turn it into muffins instead.

I just feel super weird about the fact that someone crying was used as a means to escalate a project. I mean, I’m a crier, I know stressful situations can make people lose control over their emotions. But I am really uncomfortable with it being used as a means to an end.


Anyway I finished their project in 5 minutes, and they should send me a cookie bouquet if it was something worth this much drama over.

Does any of this make sense or am I rambling into a void?

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