My boss is looking for a Bilingual Spanish-English speaker for a clerical position. In our search tools we have a language area where you can search for foreign language speakers.

Apparently its more efficient to just call people based on their last name. We finally noticed something was up just a little while ago.

Me: "What if it's their married name?"

Boss: "Well I look at the first name too, I'm only calling if both names are Spanish."

Me: ::slamming head into desk repeatedly::

Here's what's scary: She's normally really good at her job! Like she and her husband open the office at 7:30 in case people are on their way to interview or need a last minute temp. We come in at 8:30 and she's got a list of really good people you should call for whatever job you're working on.


Even after almost 2 years I never know what I'm going to find here.