So we are having our Christmas lunch paid for by the boss and we've eliminated Secret Santa! Huzzah all of the the good things and none of the bad! And I don't have to spend anything!

A post by another GTer reminded me when of my first Christmas as an admin. I was doing reporting and some HR in a very large, busy call-center. I was supporting the Director and he had two managers one day and one night.

Well the Director and the day manager the last working day before Christmas showed up with Christmas gifts for me and the other admin. The Director got me a big fancy candle and nice department store-level gloves. The Day Manager got me a big bottle of Bailey's in one of those gift sets that probably came with glasses. The Night Manager handed me a gift card to Friendly's (which was across the street) very sheepishly.

Apparently the Day Manager was supposed to tell him about getting us gifts and "forgot". Lovely, I'm now being used for a power play. The week after I took my car for a desperately needed oil change and there was going to be a wait of like 2 hours. Guess what restaurant was walking distance away? I texted the Night Manager that he was my Christmas angel and had a lovely meal followed by a sundae.